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  • The Sauble Family Health Team staff receives a large amount of prescription refill requests in the form of calls from patients and faxes from pharmacies. In order to continue providing the highest quality of medical care and ensure your safety, we are implementing a new prescription refill policy, effective immediately.

    1. We do not accept faxed prescription renewals from pharmacies.
    2. BEFORE you come to your scheduled office visit, please look over all of your medications, inhalers, diabetes supplies, nutritional supplements etc. to determine if you need to request refills during your visit with your health care provider.
    3. It is YOUR responsibility to schedule an appointment BEFORE you run out of medication. Please make sure that you have enough medication to last UNTIL your next appointment.
    4. All patients with chronic medical conditions will require regular follow -up visits at our office. During these visits your health care provider will look for changes in your condition and assess the effectiveness of your medication. It is important to keep your scheduled appointments, even if you have no concerns. This will ensure that you receive timely refills.

Nurse Amy says spread the word. Not the flu. Flu shot clinics November 12 and 13. Call to book your appointment. 519-422-1321 ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Sauble Family Health Team
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4 weeks ago

Sauble Family Health Team

It's that time of year. Illnesses are circulating at higher levels and people are starting to feel it. You're sick, but what do you have? Know your symptoms to help you recognize what you're dealing with.

If you're suffering from flu-like symptoms, please stay home from work if possible, and keep sick kids home from school. A fever might be minor for you, but could indicate something that could be life-threatening for someone you could pass it on to. A co-worker fighting cancer, a parent with a heart condition, or a younger sibling who is at higher risk because of their age.

Some people are in positions that make sick days more difficult or nearly impossible. If you're in that situation, prevention is key. A flu shot as early as possible in the season, washing hands at least eight times a day and avoiding touching your face (and teaching kids to do the same), cleaning frequently touched surfaces and covering coughs and sneezes to avoid passing illness on are all vital to illness prevention. The flu is preventable when we all do our part. Let's all take as many steps as we can to protect ourselves and each other and prevent more stories like ours. Whose life could you save?

*Flu shots are becoming more available throughout Canada now and we're receiving more information. We'll be updating our page with regional availability over the next two days. If it's already available in your region, please go now. We're already receiving reports of confirmed cases of influenza A.

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